Frequently Asked Questions

  About Services

Q: How do I start the process?

A: Feel free to use the contact page below or email me at :  with the type of style, venue, or just an idea and we can go from there! Together we can discuss your wedding planning needs and figure out a package to fit your budget, timeline, and level of guidance.

Q: Can you help conduct my rehearsal?


A: Absolutely. Together, we figure out the perfect way to design your ceremony. This includes the introduction of your bridal party, to your first walk down the aisle as officially married. 


Every package includes 1-hour rehearsal coordination where we double down on the ceremony walks, stances, and things not to do during your 15 min- 60 min ceremony (like locking your knees, the proper ceremony pace, & how to properly hold a bouquet).

Q Do you perform 1 wedding per weekend?

A: Yes! This is important for me to make sure my entire focus that week is on your wedding day. Running my business this way ensures that my bride and grooms feel like their wedding is just as important.

 Q: Do you offer rehearsal dinner coordination?

A: Yes! For an additional event fee, we can plan your rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and morning / day-after events.

About Payments

Q: What are your payment plans?

A: We understand that times are hard and we will work with you. Booking fee is only $200! That will go toward your over all balance due, save your date and cover any booking costs.

We have 2 payment plans:


Plan A which is a split payment of your wedding services in 4 increments, with your deposit being the first payment. 

Plan B is a monthly payment that is determined by when and what service you book.


It is your choice which one to commit to!

Q: What kind of payments do you accept? 

A: I can accept Cash, Money Order, or payment via: ApplePay, CashApp, Venmo, and Google Pay. 



Q: Do you offer clean up/set up services?

A: Yes! Because we outsource this service and will need to hire a team, we offer this at an additional fee based on your wedding needs.

Q: What is the difference between month/day coordination & planning?

A: Great question. The main difference is working with whom you've hired. Once you have planned the wedding yourself, your coordinator will step in to verify services, contract details, and times of arrival within 30 days.


This is different than full service planning, where having your wedding managed by a planning service who will perform the selection of vendors with professional organization for you to find your perfect match. Your planner will ask industry questions that will determine if vendors are a good fit and if they could meet the standards of the venue, our clients, our reputation and professional opinion, and any other vendor on your wedding team. This is project management from start to finish with our clients and their guests in minds. 

Q: What do you provide in your day-of kit?

A: As well as having a safety kit full of medicines, ointments, and bandaids, we have a sewing kit(yes I know how to sew), super glue, sharpies, lighters, and much more. If these items go missing I have: cake cutting knife, a guest book, toasting flutes, a garter, and a cake topper. I also have a set of beauty items to help freshen up in the middle of dancing. Beauty kit includes: Hairspray, spray deodorant, hair elastics, lotion, cotton swabs, tissues, nail polish remover, etc. 


Q: What don't you do?

A: I cannot and will not service alcohol, operate machinery, step in for licensed vendors, transport your cake/other high dollar items, or serve your guests food for liability reasons.

Q: Do you plan/coordinate in other locations other than San Antonio?

A: Yes I do! I love to plan Hill Country Weddings and would love to plan your wedding anywhere across the globe!

Q: Are you a certified wedding planner?

A: Yes I absolutely am! It's great to be certified for the most relevant information in the industry. View my about page to learn more.

Q: What is your preferred method of communication?

A: I prefer to communicate via text message or email. These are the fastest way to reach me. My contact information is at the bottom of the screen :)

Q: Do you plan other types of events?

A: My specialty is wedding-related events and that is where I truly shine. If you are interested in other event planning services, I can plan your quinceanera, sweet 16, bar mitzvah, anniversary, baby shower, vow renewal, etc. I would love to bring your vision to life with flower backdrops, balloon walls, mirror photobooths, etc.  

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