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You Might Be a

Sweet Gardenia Wedding Couple

  • If you value having guidance and knowing you've checked off all the boxes.

  • If you like someone to give you options, choices, visual presentations, and intentional wedding advice.

  • You need someone to talk about your wedding with that isn't your fiancee, BFF, mom/dad/sister/brother, work besty, or dog.

  • You're minimal on the DIY because you trust the experts.

  • You like having someone you can call or text who will take your wedding seriously and can actually help.

  • Securing representation that is flexible, professional, and timely is important to you.

  • You want to work with someone who can provide the level of experience, education, passion, personal-touch, and dedication that is unmatched at a large event agency.

  • If you think coffee shop dates, mimosas/margarita time, and wedding planning go hand in hand!

  • You love being able to stay organized and marking off your to-do lists.

  • You want to crack the code to having a fun wedding planning experience.


Sweet Gardenia Mission

To provide exceptional service and hospitality to all my couples. One wedding at a time!


Sweet Gardenia Vision

Being matched with amazing couples and showcasing love stories through the art of event planning and hospitality.


Ready to get started?

I know I am!

  1. Fill out this form to start the booking process and e-sign your contract from your phone.

  2. Pay off your $500 retainer fee by using this link or one of the platforms below. Easy Peasy!

  3. Set up your first consultation here by using this Calendly link.

  4. Do a little dance, because now you're truly equipped!

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