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Advice: How to Deal With Wedding Guilt

Updated: May 31

I was in the line at a Starbucks one morning and the lady at the window took that time to strike up a convo with me as she beeped my phone and handed me some napkins. She asked me, "What are you up to today? Doing anything fun?"

It was a fun day, so I told her, "Yes actually I'm a wedding planner and we're tasting wedding food today."

Her mouth dropped and she handed me my grande-brown-sugar-oatmilk-shaken-expresso as she told me, "That sounds like fun! My best friend is getting married and I don't even know if I want one. It's sooo much money. I'd much wrather go on a honeymoon!"

My reply was: "I hear that..." because I do! These weddings suck the savings outta ya. "I see it all the time! But like I tell a lot of my clients: when else are you going to have everyone you love in the same room together? You know? That's why I do it."

It's true!! Weddings are special! Nobody should be feeling guilty for wanting one.

First of all:

Every. Single. Person. deserves a wedding. Not only a wedding, but a wedding that they want.

If the Covid pandemic has taught me anything, it's taught me that gathering together with your people is a luxury in time, and the moments are priceless. At one point we were all scared to hug each other and now we're allowed to again.

If you have been met with guilt, resentment, or feeling undeserving, let me give you the permission now to start feeling grateful, happy, and deserving of all the love, attention, and celebration happening in your life. You only get 1 short life to live where the experiences are universally felt, don't rob yourself of this experience by feeling guilty. Your wedding day is one of many experiences that people should feel hopeful and happy.

Weddings bring families together, they create long lasting memories. And seriously, what other time will you have to bring everyone who you love(and who is also living), under one roof? Such a beautiful time in your life ! Embrace the change and journey, it will all be over sooner than you think.

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