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#1 Wedding Planner in San Antonio - Why Choose Us?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

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I'm always genuine, honest and real around here. I put my heart and soul into this here-small-business-of-mine. So this blog might ruffle a few feathers -- and I am sorry as that is never any intention. But, hear me out, friend!

Lately, I've been starting to ask myself:

What makes me a different wedding planner and coordinator in San Antonio?

Why should San Antonio couples choose me as their #1 resource when planning their wedding?

With so many vendors offering my services as an add-on to their packages, it gets disheartening.

They probably are great at what they do, as they've been in the industry for a long time. We're in an economic recession, businesses are expanding their services. Everybody is trying to make ends meet. I get it.

It's true that not everyone needs a wedding planner, or can afford one. At the very least, every wedding needs a wedding coordinator. A certified, dedicated, industry-educated, project manager. There should be no skimping on that, wedding planning and coordination is my craft. My passion. My career.

You won't get that from an add-on!

For one, we've built our entire careers and lives around our craft. I'm writing this at 3 am. I have 30+ blogs I've written because I can't shut up about weddings, lol! Really, go look!

I've just taken a course on how to really plan, design, and create the ambiance of a mini-wedding ceremony + dinner, elopement, and backyard wedding, as it's very different. I'm moving a long with the times. I've been certified since 2018 and I'm still learning about the industry. I'm addicted to weddings. Jk, kind of.

My home office is filled with wedding books and magazines. I read wedding floral/planning/designing books for fun! I invest and attend seminars (now online) like Wedding MBA & Refine for Wedding Planners that focus on how to become the best wedding planner I can possibly be while creating experiences that your guests and yourself will take home and cherish for a lifetime. I have a $500 wedding planning software program to help organize and carefully keep track of every single detail, while still remaining personable and fun. You're joining together in matrimony, hosting a lot of people, while telling your wedding story, making them feel amazing, and coming together in the name of love. I am in this for life, man!

Our job isn't to just recommend vendors, show you venues, and show up with you to choose pretty flowers and linen. While that is fun, and some of my fav things to do in design, my job is a lot more intentional and logistical. I am paid to plan, design, and coordinate a wedding that best fits you, your style, you personality, and your priorities. I am not distracted by venue responsibilities, my 'other full-time job', recommending my vendor friends, or what other tasks I can do that is an add on. This is my full time job. I'm going to find and source the best for you and your unique wedding needs.

Can I make sure your barnyard venue will be properly cooled enough so that your 4 tiered cake, having to be delivered at 12pm without a cooler, won't melt by 4pm? Have you booked a questionable vendor off of IG and now they havent shown up for your wedding services? Upon venue tours, I am the one asking about rain contingency plans, contracts, rules, regulations, Covid guidelines. I put out so many fires (figuratively) that people didn't even know were there. I'm literally #TeamSABride.

Every single day I ask myself, how can I create an experience for my bride and grooms. One that says to each and every guest, "We are so glad you are here" while the guests are saying, "Wow, I am so lucky to be here tonight."

In most cases, this comes naturally. I was born to bring people together in the name of love. It's what makes me happy and live each day with joy.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should choose me. In the most humbling way possible...

It's why I am the Best Wedding Planner in San Antonio.

Getting Married in San Antonio? Let's chat, I'd love to help!

Shoot me an email to the email address below or click here to take my planning questionnaire.

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