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San Antonio Bride: Let's Imagine for a Minute...

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The chatter dissipates.

People are beginning to look around.

All are awaiting the start of the ceremony.

The Bride is you.

They're all awaiting you.

The person you're marrying?

They're standing at the end of the aisle, sweating something serious. Their smile is beaming.

Shifting their weight between both legs.

Receiving pats on the back.

Everyone knows: It’s go time.

I'm there, plucking out that hair off your face, fixing your veil, and spreading out your train.

I've lined up the bridal party, just as we rehearsed at the ceremony rehearsal(of course).

I signal to the pianist. It's just a wave of the hand.

The pianist starts the music.

Your wedding party starts to walk. They all look so proud and beautiful. They make their way to their places until all of them have reached the alter and their music has stopped.

Everyone stands and faces toward the back of the church. We all know what is coming next.

Ladies are laying their purses on their seats.

I signal with another wave.

Just then, the music starts to play.

Your music.

Your escort stands up straight and offers you their arm. Could be your dad. Or your uncle.

Perhaps your mom.

I remind you to smile, hold your bouquet at the right level, and tell you breath,

I then signal to you that we are ready and say, "This is the moment I want you to remember The most. Take it all in!"

You smile warmly and with excitement. Then the both of you proudly walk in.

Walk comfortably and with the music.

Take a few seconds to look at your guests.

Then lock eyes with the One.

This moment will be over in an instant, so remember the expression on theirface.

Remember the sweet look of love.

This is what fairy tales are based from.

True, unwavering, passionate, love.

You are walking into what some people can only dream of.

Happy day to you both. And the moment you kiss?

I will be in the corner, shedding a tear. Thanking my lucky stars that I get to do this for a living. Wondering why they picked me because I just feel so honored.

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