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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

"Why have a wedding in the first place?"

"I don't even want a wedding"

"I won't ever get married!"

I hear so many dismissive comments about weddings and the wedding industry. I have to have grace when I hear such comments. Since I have made it my career, I have a lot more to say than the average person. Yes, weddings are a luxury. They are very expensive, take lots of time to plan, are sometimes stressful when trying to please families, and seem very unnecessary at times.

But they bring people together. They essentially introduce new family members to each other. They offer a chance for everyone to dance, eat, dine together and witness the magic of a union. It's an experience like no other -- when you are the bride or groom.

Some people think they are a waste of money. A way for people to capitalize on a person's love. An industry hell bent on taking your money.

But when your grandparent passes and you're searching through photos to cherish, you will look at your wedding photos. You will see all of your family members, in their best, all dressed up to celebrate you. Smiling, crying, and enjoying the moment. You will be glad that you gathered everybody together under one roof and did the damn thing right.

Weddings sometimes also come with regret. Most of the time, it's the regret that they never had one. Never got to experience being the excited blushing bride/selecting a lacey white dress/walking down the aisle with your dad. The chance to let everyone know how banging you look in that dress. (just saying, lol!)

This one's a short one, but I hope it's clear that weddings are deep. They bring people together in the name of love. That's amazing.

With love,

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