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The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make On Their Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

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I've seen some crazy things at weddings. Roof top leaks, floods, mud puddles everywhere, hailstorms, meltdowns, and crazy wedding vendors.

There’s are tons of mistakes that go on while wedding planning that could have been avoided by hiring a planner. Just as an example, I had a bride hire me for coordination after planning her entire wedding. She had showed me the invitation at the rehearsal and it didn’t have the venue address correctly listed on it. She then called all of her wedding family and friends to make the phone calls that she needed to make an order to make sure everyone knew where this place was at. Luckily, most of the guests ended up on time for the ceremony.

I had a bride and groom call me and tell me that their wedding coordinator who they hired off of Facebook had been missing in action. She had taken their money and left town. It took me everything to not ask who this wedding planner was, but I picked up the pieces, showed up when they needed me, and put out so many fires that day. I still do not know who that terrible wedding planner was, but I insist that a coordinator is needed for every wedding.

Another big mistakes I see my clients make is buy their own tableware and linens. Noooo, do not do this. It may seem cheaper, but in the end the way you will pay for it is with effort. The linens come wrinkled, you will have to learn how to iron them, fold them, store them, and if you’re thinking about selling them used, you’re going to have to clean them. They will be nasty looking.. and so expensive to clean. Renting from a event rental place is always worth it. The tableware you do buy, I wouldn’t recommend buying them with the idea of trying to sell back. If possible, gift a set to a couple of friends or family members who helped you with the wedding.

Couples who plan their own wedding should always hire a wedding coordinator. Unless you have a good skill for hosting and planning, researching, and making wedding timelines, you’ll be figuring out logistics, times, and layouts on your own. Which is totally doable if you don’t have that many elements or vendors going on at your wedding!

Anyone with a large guest count or wedding party, people who are traveling, shuttle or room block services, hiring buses, or having a ceremony and reception at two different locations, you’re going to need a wedding planner. People get lost, drivers are sometimes missing, late, automobiles break down, guests have issues, and things just happen. Planning is necessary!

Not hiring a full service wedding caterer. Some people think the local BBQ place is amazing. Most times they don't stay. They stop by and deliver, serve, and then leave. You need a full service wedding caterer. What is that? Catering company that will set up your tables, possibly your linens, serve your food, buss tables, clean, and stay until the very end. Bonus is sometimes you can hire them for bartending services as well! Last but not least, the biggest mistakes I see a couples make, is listening to other people’s opinions before finding something that will work for them first, or just taking the first option. I’ve seen too much bridal regret in these wedding Facebook groups. How sad it is to read! Many of them say they wished they had a coordinator. Don’t let that be you.

I can’t imagine how much that would have ruined their day or their family member’s day to have to deal with that. Hire a coordinator friends. And if you're still in the market for it, inquire with me below!


Getting Married in San Antonio? Don’t have a coordinator? Let's chat, I'd love to help!

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