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What does a Wedding Planner/Coordinator do? - San Antonio Wedding Planner Blog

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Sure, we plan weddings. It's our passion and we love to do it! But there's so much more to what we do that can help you. Your wedding is a full on unique project. It has a beginning and an end, and the potential to be great. Wedding coordinators act as your wedding project managers. We set a game plan, readjust to meet demands, and manage your wedding day with ease.

As your wedding coordinator, we jump in where you are in your planning to tie up any loose ends. We create a timeline of the day to stay organized and execute the day of events. Hiring a wedding coordinator to contact each wedding vendor and verify services, read over contracts, send out the timeline of the day, set up arrival and departure times, explain and direct set up locations, among other things - helps you, your vendors, your venue, and everybody else involved in the wedding. Vendors know the lingo. They know that having a wedding coordinator puts them at ease. It gives them a point of contact to resort to other than calling the bride or groom with a million questions. Who wants that on their wedding day/month? It is ideal to be enjoying that time with your wedding party and family.

One of the many things we do besides verify your vendors is make sure they have everything they need to be successful. You are your own wedding planner as you sort through tons of wedding services to choose the ones right for you. But, there are so many details that go on that may get lost along the way.

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We also direct your rehearsal to make sure your entire wedding party knows what they're supposed to do and where they're supposed to go. Wedding rehearsals can be so stressful! People are always late, people have problems paying attention, there's a million questions, nobody is taking direction, and yes, there are people who want to take it as a joke (you know these personality types..). A wedding coordinator is there to whip everybody into shape. It helps having somebody from the outside say, "Stand here, walk slower, feet pointed here, don't lock those knees!" is soo priceless!

As a member of your wedding team, we work hard on your wedding to be there for you at your most stressful time. We have the connections to call a replacement photographer/DJ/officiant in the case that (knock on wood!) yours happens to not show up on wedding day. We direct the bride and groom, vendors, weddings party, and guests on where they need to go -seamlessly. It's not really a glamorous job all the time - but it's always a labor of love. It can be a rough process. As your unofficial Fairy God-Sister, I coordinate and handle logistics with charm. Then, smooth bumps you didn't even know were there.

Wedding Planners

If a wedding coordinator is the project manager, the wedding planner is the project designer.

Planning a wedding is hard! Where do you even start? If you want a cohesive wedding look, hire a wedding planner. Everything from the engagement party, invitations, decor, florals, centerpieces, venue, food, drinks, and over all design vibe can be showcased and planned with elegance! Let us show you the right way to host the most important day of your lives(so far!).

There's so many do's and don'ts, options, logistics, calculations, customs, and people to please. Having to make so many decisions can wear a person out. It's no wonder why couples end up having decision fatigue (yes it's a real thing). Having a person guide you during this process can be a God-send. We are professional wedding planners - no need to re-invent the wheel! Need a second opinion or some hardcore inspiration? That's what we're here for!

We are well rehearsed in the field of event etiquette - That is our forte. When do you send out save the dates/invites? Who usually schedules rehearsal dinners/bridal showers/etc.? Who do I tip? How do you formally say, "No Kids Please!" ? We can answer all of your etiquette needs. With factors like religion, family traditions, and style up for debate, it can get hard to get your voice heard. We take on your ideas as our own and see to it that you are happy. We will advocate on your behalf to help you plan the day you're visioning.

Wedding Mishaps - Have a broken zipper? We will see to it that it will be sewn. Corset dress needs tying? I'm your girl. Don't know how to pin a boutonniere? We'll make sure it's pinned on straight! These little things shouldn't be but a hiccup on the road. We have a kit that is designed with human errors in mind.

Lastly, we offer heartfelt reassurance - The emotions are strong. The days are fast approaching, and the mild anxiety will creep in. But don't you worry, you've booked a professional wedding coordinator/planner. I will reassure you that the anticipation you feel is seen and heard. Tiny little wedding elves are seeing over every detail . And of course, you can always text, email, or call for constant reassurance that things will get done and your day will be wonderful.

Love always and Congrats,

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