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Who to invite? Helpful tips + FREE Guest List Template

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Photo by Paty Araujo Photography with local stationer Aly Am Paperie

If you're in the throws of planning your wedding, you know that one of the first things you have to do is list and find out your guest count. The number that you use will determine how big your cake will be, how many tables you want set out, and of course, the amount of beverages and food your caterer should account for, etc. Unfortunately, the number one budget killer is the guest count.

This also means you'll have to be extra selective with your friends and extended family. You'll have to consider if you'd prefer a child-free wedding or go so far as to have a kid zone with activities. These decisions are not easy ones to make. You might love children, but feel different about having them at your formal celebration. Without knowing your situation, go with your gut.

Our best advice is this: Invite the people you'll see for years to come. They will be the ones to cheer for you as you start your journey together and deserve a place to see it all start. Invite the guests that will cherish the day and respect your love. You'll be surrounded by everyone you adore and you'll have photos of them celebrating with you, forever!

+ Guest List Tip - List your guests in clusters. Have friends from work attending? Keep them all together on the guest list, that way it's easy to group them into tables later. Same with family, cousins, sorority sisters, college roommates etc.

+ Limit Parent Invites - Give them each a number they can invite, separate from the list you already have. This keeps things fair so that every parent can have equal number of friends to celebrate with them.

+ Wedding Website - List useful information on your wedding website. Things like: RSVP due date, menu for allergy info, dinner start time so that your guests can adjust their schedules, map of the ceremony and reception site.

Of course as promised:

Download this FREE guest list template to use for your wedding planning!

How to use the guest list:

-Best use on a computer!

-Click on the link provided.

-It will take you to a Google Spreadsheet document.

-Use the download button in the top right corner [the one with the arrow pointed down] to download the document to your device so that you can use it to customize, edit, save, and update as frequently as you can.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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