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An Open Letter to the Happy Couple

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

To the Happy Couple,

I'm truly elated for you. You're in love! What better feeling is that? You've made it through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, together. The moment you exchange words in front of your family and friends, is one you'll never forget. The look you'll give each other will be priceless.

It would be such an honor to be apart of your wedding team. To help plan your wedding and see you through all those big and little details that mean so much to you. I'm sure I will cry, because it will be beautiful. But then I'll get right back to harmonizing your day, because it's the day you've dreamt about your whole life. With wedding planning, there is no magic. Just hard working individuals who are in the business of love and happen to absolutely love what they do. The real magic is in the warmth you two share, and that's something to celebrate. I will help smooth the bumps, the blunders, and the mishaps. You focus on living your best life.

On your wedding day, I will be your advocate and your helping hand. Like a Fairy God-sister, you'll look to me for guidance. With the wave of my wand (really, my cell phone and my e-kit) I would carefully guide us in the right direction. We've thought of it all, and we would love to be your main resource.

But, alas! You're getting married! Enjoy this engagement time together while it lasts. You won't ever get this time back, and it won't be long until you say "I do!".

An Overflow of Love,

Getting Married in San Antonio? Let's chat, I'd love to help!

Shoot me an email to the email address below or click here to take my planning questionnaire.

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