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Full-Service Wedding Planning & Design

  • Wedding planning is like working on a big project with your family and friends. You are spending thousands of dollars on goods and services, you will have an average of 12 vendor legal contracts, there will be hundreds of questions, and you will have a million little tasks to complete. But your family and friends can't help you with all of that! We have the blueprint, most valuable players, and all the checklists: you just say when.

The most stressful parts of wedding planning is that it takes up a lot of time. Time researching venues + vendors who can fit your vision, budget, time, date, location, wedding size and design. There are a lot of mazes to go through that might lead you to closed doors. We eliminate that stress by handling vendor communications, budgeting calculations, payments, scheduling, checking availability, and following up with booking and payment. If you're a big fan of mood boards, table mock ups, and digital renderings of wedding designs: You are in the right place.

Hiring a full-service wedding planner means you save time, energy, and ensures all of the details will be looked after in a professional manner. You can also save money! Plus you get the best wedding planning tool on the market: Aisle Planner. This is a tool to keep track of all your documents, deadlines, budgeting, and more. Check out the link below to view what the portal can do. Wedding day coordination is included.
 Click here to view the latest technology in wedding planning.

-Package starts at $8,500

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