Full-Service Wedding Planning

 ✓ Monthly Payment Plans Available

Only $300 to Book Your Date

 S I M P L I F Y    Y O U R    L I F E

Starting From Scratch- We start from the very beginning and are there for you every step of the way! I build the most rewarding relationships with my brides as we spend so much time with them planning their special day. Full-Service planning is the execution of the full wedding experience.


You are spending thousands of dollars, have an average of 12 vendor legal contracts, and will have a million little tasks to complete. Hiring a full-service wedding planner means you save time, money, and ensures all of the details will be looked after in a professional manner. 

T H E   P R O C E S S


A consultation is made to determine the budget, style, date, and location of the wedding. From there, help with the wedding design and aesthetic is included, venues and vendors can be selected from a recommended list or through multiple avenues. Time will be invested, advocating on your behalf to ensure the standards are met.


Consultations and walkthroughs can be booked with vendors and your wedding planner will attend most meetings. Your wedding planner is in the industry and knows what questions to ask and how to coordinate wedding logistics. Feel the relief of complete wedding management, and will assume full contact with vendors.

-Package starts at $3,500 & payment plans are available


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