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A Personal Touch to Planning Your Wedding




(Day-of Coordination)

Prefer to handle communications with wedding vendors? No worries! Our wedding coordination package would jump start you in the right direction. 


Partial Wedding Planner

Got your venue? Let's start from there to choose the best fitted vendors for you and your ideal wedding vibe! You'll feel so much better as you mark off all of those to-do lists now that you know where to start. 



Wedding Planning 

Your wedding is one big, well thought-out sacred day that might be better left planning to the professionals. Let's turn on the fun switch!


Q: Do you plan/coordinate in other locations other than San Antonio?

A: Yes I do! I love to plan Hill Country Weddings and would love to plan your wedding anywhere across the globe!

Q: What is the difference between month/day coordination & planning?

A: Great question. The main difference is working with whom you've hired. Once you have planned the wedding yourself, your coordinator will step in to verify services, contract details, and times of arrival within 30 days.


This is different than full service planning, where having your wedding managed by a planning service who will perform the selection of vendors with professional organization for you to find your perfect match based on your final selections.


Your planner will ask industry questions that will determine if vendors are a good fit and if they could meet the standards of the venue, our clients, our reputation and professional opinion, and any other vendor on your wedding team. This is project management from start to finish with our clients and their guests in minds.

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