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Sweet Gardenia Weddings - Team

Stephanie Delgado
Owner & Lead Wedding Planner


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Born and raised in San Antonio, I am a graduate of Winston Churchill High School and Texas A&M University-San Antonio and I have been planning weddings for 5+ years.

H O M E     L I F E
I'm a funny wife to my husband Joseph, and a silly Mommy our darling 12-year-old daughter and our 3 year old son. I have often been described as having a "sparkly" outgoing personality. I'm a foodie in the kitchen, and I can cook a mean fillet mignon. Learning new techniques in the kitchen is always exciting!

M Y    L I K E S 
My favorite TV shows are the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, basically anything Gordon Ramsay, Say Yes to the Dress, and Love Is Blind. I am a huge fan of Zumba, Yoga, and Meditation. My absolute most favorite holiday is Valentine's day because I'm a sucker for grandiose displays of affection. I love to have my coffee in the morning with a delicious piece of fresh pan dulce. 
I meet my couples in coffee shops, Margarita dates, and sushi spots to plan the most spectacular days of their life.


Sweet Gardenia Weddings - Team

Clarissa Martinez
Wedding Coordinator

Clarissa joined the team in 2022 and has been working weddings ever since. She is driven, creative, resourceful, and a great asset to our team. You might see Clarissa sometimes attending your final walk through, directing your wedding rehearsal, or on wedding day as one of our coordinators.

A B O U T    S W E E T    G A R D E N I A

Sweet Gardenia Weddings-- my wedding planning business, was named after the floral fragrance my mother would wear getting ready for a big day. Gardenias [Gaar-Dee-Nyahs] are southern native flowers, delicate yet beautiful white creamy colored beauties that bloom in the middle of the wedding season. They are known for their luxuriously soft white petals, dark green shiny leaves, and the sweetest floral fragrance. They are used in wedding arrangements all year long.

B U S I N E S S    V A L U E S

Our 4 person team values are Integrity, Commitment, and Humility. We believe everyone deserves a wedding and we are LGBTQ+ allied! These values are at the core of everything we do as your wedding planner/coordinator. We believe that this is how I can deliver exceptional and one of a kind wedding planning services in San Antonio and beyond.

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