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You are investing thousands of dollars on wedding services and details. Hiring a wedding planner/coordinator is KEY to a stress-free wedding.

I work very hard to stay up to date on all things weddings. This includes attending workshops, investing in wedding planner software, and networking as much as I can to find the best fit for each and every couple's budget, size, and location. Every single package I offer includes my very own list of Dream Wedding Vendors.

Read more about me, my business, and what it takes to be a wedding planner in San Antonio!

San Antonio Wedding Planner and Coordinator Stephanie D

Paty Araujo Branding

About Me


Paty Araujo Branding

Hiii! It's ya girl, Stephanie D. Delgado.

I'm kind of like, a nerd for weddings.

I blog to my heart's content because I just can't shut up about weddings.


Born and raised in San Antonio, I am a graduate of Winston Churchill High School and Texas A&M University-San Antonio. I have been planning weddings for 4 years already, whew!

H O M E     L I F E


I'm a kick ass, funny wife to my husband Joseph, and a fun Mommy our darling 8-year-old daughter, Mischa and our son, Baby Isaac. I have often been described as having a "sparkly" outgoing personality. My wedding design inspiration comes from interior designs, world travels, mother nature, clean modern bridal fashions, and all things pretty.  


I'm one of the girls! Easy to talk to, great listener, and will always be appreciative of your time. Instant Best Friend, truly! Most of my clients end up adding me on Facebook and we become lifelong buddies.


M Y    L I K E S 

I love sipping wine with pomegranates, getting in my yoga groove, listening to audio books and podcasts in the car, the smell of white roses, and I also love floral designing for fun.


My favorite TV show is Schitt's Creek, Wedding SOS, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I'm an avid coffee lover, and I love to have my coffee in the morning with a delicious piece of fresh pan dulce. I love home baking, learning new techniques in the kitchen, sushi dates, pho, dancing, and I especially love my dream business planning weddings.

B U S I N E S S    V A L U E S

My business values are Integrity, Commitment, and Humility.

These values are at the core of everything I do as your wedding planner. I believe that this is how I can deliver exceptional and one of a kind wedding planning services in San Antonio and beyond!

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Paty Araujo Branding

E D U C A T I O N    &    C E R T F I C A T I O N S

I have an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies from San Antonio College and a Bachelors of Science degree from Texas A&M University-San Antonio in Psychology and I hold a certificate in wedding planning from Eventrix. I am very much the zen wedding planner! Before I started this business, I have worked as a freelance paralegal for many years. I decided I would change my career to something that would make my heart happy. Wedding planning is my favorite creative outlet.

A B O U T    S W E E T    G A R D E N I A

Sweet Gardenia Weddings, my wedding planning business, was named after the floral fragrance my mother would wear getting ready for a big day. Gardenias [Gaar-Dee-Nyahs] are a southern flowers, delicate yet beautiful white creamy colored beauties that bloom in the middle of the wedding season. They are known for their soft white petals, waxy smooth leaves, and sweet floral fragrance.

A recent bride, I was married at Mission San Jose Catholic Church in December of 2018 - check out my blog to find out all of the deets and read more about the wedding planner life!


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