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Partial Wedding Planning

Sometimes  you just need the bare necessities! We meet you where you're at with your wedding planning to jump in and help facilitate the process. If you're starting from scratch, or you're knee deep into wedding planning - you will benefit from the guidance to get you from A to Z. Are you ready for someone to tell you what needs to be done, worked on next, and with structure and someone to handle portals, and bookings managed using the best wedding planning tool on the market: Aisle Planner.
This is a tool to keep track of all your documents, deadlines, budgeting, and more. Check out the link below to view what the portal can do. Wedding day coordination is included.  Click here to view the latest technology in wedding planning.

With this package, we are focusing less on design and more on planning. Wedding coordination is included!
-Package starts at $5,200.

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