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Wedding Coordination


Noemi Reyes Photography

& Yes, that means your wedding, too:

Right after booking us, we meet to discuss your wedding day needs. Our formal meetings help you determine your timeline, decide who to book, and figure out what to work on next. Our clients leave every formal meeting with the feeling of 'weight lifting off' their shoulders.

We jump back to your wedding 6 weeks out:

We schedule a tour of the venue together, we fine tune our timelines, create floor plans, and jump start the necessary tasks needed for communication with your vendors. ​

In the days leading up to your wedding: 

We are putting together a plan to execute your day in communication with your venue, vendors, and you. We direct your wedding rehearsal and help tie any loose ends. 


On your beautiful wedding day:

You aren't dealing with timeline ripples, overseeing set up, dealing with hiccups, late or lost vendors, or wedding mishaps. We're there for you in ways you never expect!


Wedding Coordination Package starts at $2,500.

Does your venue require insurance? We got that, too! Be sure to use the form below to see if we have your date available.

every wedding deserves a coordinator!

let's coordinate & fix your plans

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