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"Affordable" Wedding Vendors in San Antonio

Bride & Groom at the firewall at the Lost Mission venue in Spring Branch, Texas.
Lost Mission Wedding - Firewall Shot - Gillian Menzie Photography

Gillian Menzie Photography

Of course, you can absolutely source your wedding vendors yourself. You can look them up, read the reviews, and hire whomever you think is best for your time and money. You should be able to hand them your money and walk away knowing that they will show up on wedding day and perform their wedding services, right?

Yes! You should be able to do these things yourself. But, my question is this: Why would you want to?

As a wedding planner, I have eye on the most exceptional vendors for every single budget out there. Let me tell you a secret: Some wedding vendors aren't professionals.

How can we tell? It's very obvious to us wedding planners. It's the ones who refuse to work with a coordinator's carefully written timeline. The vendors who offer up everything under the sun and do the bare minimum. The vendors with the shiniest reviews, most followers on IG, amazing work, but show up drunk to the wedding. The vendors who boast they are the best in San Antonio on Facebook and IG while refusing the buy the basic website, or professional email/blog. What you don't see is the vast amount of San Antonio wedding vendors who are known in the industry to under cut our expertise and to be overall, sub-par.

Unfortunately, I know which cake places to avoid due to mold in a 5 tiered cake, or due to me watching a simple 3 tiered cake fall apart on the cake stand. $500 down the drain. When I plan weddings, I don't let mistakes happen twice, as I feel obligated to prevent future tragedies such as these.

You are hiring thousands of dollars worth of wedding services and detail. How do you even know what to pay attention to, what to ask in the interview, or what a contract should actually have before you sign. Hiring someone who has done their duty to vet and recognize true local and professional wedding vendor gems is KEY to enjoying your wedding day.

When you source your wedding vendors in these Facebook groups in hopes to be satisfied with their level of professionalism, you will definitely get with you pay for. Calling for "cheap" services demeans these wedding vendors and their level of expertise. When you're looking for "cheap", you are really looking for the new-comers, the inexperienced, the hopefuls, and some really good ones that may not be charging what they are worth. What you're really looking for is for the exceptional wedding vendors who just happen to be affordable for your budget. If you'd have hired a wedding planner, you'd know the difference.


Getting Married in San Antonio? Looking for a planner? Does your venue require a wedding coordinator?

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