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Buying Your Wedding Dress - David's Bridal San Antonio

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

San Antonio Bride putting on dress

Hanging white dress from David Bridal San antonio

*Photos by Paty Araujo Photography

I'm going to admit to something that I am ashamed of: I put my wedding off for so long because I was afraid of how I was going to look in my dress..! Yes, I actually was so afraid of how I much the dress will enhance my flaws, that I didn't plan for years. YEARS.

I don't want that for you! Try on every dress you can possible try. There *IS* a dress out there that you will look amazing in. Don't worry if you aren't getting married yet for another 2 years, just do it to get a feel of what you like. After you find her though, order her. She'll be out of stock the minute you walk away, it's insane.

San Antonio Maid of Honor fixes veil

What I do want to help you out with also is the expectations. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress make brides feel like they will step into the experiences of the cast, crew, and glitzy atmosphere. I'll tell you this: You won't get that feeling at national chain stores. Where you will have partial yummy warmer feelings is definitely at local bridal boutiques. These owners hand choose their designers carefully and cultivate a experience better for you than in different stores.

DO: Start looking 9 months - to a year. Sometimes it can get crazy the way it takes a while for the dress to come in. Then it will need to be cut and hemmed for you to be the perfect mold. Don't feel like you need to wait and lose weight because everyone will be looking at you. You are beautiful. Your body is worth its weight in gold. You are worth the hundreds or thousands of dollars

Whenever you go down that aisle, honey!! Whoever is standing at the end waiting for you will be amazed, and you deserve this moment. You are bringing all of you, in your best self, and saying "yes" to the new life that you will build together. Your guests have never seen you looking so beautiful. They will feel honored to have been chosen to witness it all.

San Antonio Bride looks in the mirror in her wedding dress

But first... let's pick out that stunner of a dress.

Be the bride that knows how to get it done right. Go prepared! You will be tired, hungry, kinda sweaty, and possibly indecisive through it all. Smell clean(stylists will be up and personal!), have proper hygiene (after all, these are the whitest of white dresses and other girls will be trying them on!), eat a substantial meal(but not too much! Bloating is real!) and come knowing what kind of vibe your wedding will be like. Whimsical, formal, modern, traditional, trendy, boho, etc. This will help you and your bridal stylist know what to look for. Narrowing it down for them means you'll be there less, you're going to have more energy to enjoy your experience, and you and your crew can go out to celebrate!

What to bring to an appointment:

+Bring your favorite strapless bra. You'll be able to try on so many different styles, with or without cups or straps. Your wedding bra should be nude or white and should support the bust enough but not enhance it too much.

+An idea of the dress, silhouette or style you are looking for. This gives the bridal consultant an idea to narrow down the hundreds of dresses they have in store.

+Spanx are your friend. Lord have mercy - thank you for Spanx (we aren't worthy, lol)

+A friend/family member to take photos. Some shops will not allow the use of a camera so I recommend asking before hand. In some nationally recognized stores like David's Bridal, this is not an issue. This gives you an idea of what you'd look like from all different angles.

+Wedding shoes. Yes, you will need to bring these so that if you find the dress and they alter on site, they can take measurements right then and there for hemming. Another trip for alterations won't be needed.

What to wear to your appointment:

+Loose fitted clothes to get in and out of.

+Hair halfway or tied up to show your face. This way they can fit a veil on your head, and give an elegant look to match the occasion.

+Elegant jewelry. Accessories will elevate your look and really sell the dress to you. Simple pearls are always classic.

In the end, the dress you choose will be the one you wear for eternity in your photos. So above all else, you have to love it. Take your time! I wore two dresses, because I'm a diva. That was fun. I'm so glad I did because my first dress was loose and low by the end of the ceremony and right before photos. Yikes. It's all about what the bride wants.

(Pics of the 2nd dress below!!)

San Antonio Bride dances at her reception

Toast Photography

Happy Wedding Planning!!

Getting Married in San Antonio? Let's chat, I'd love to help!

Shoot me an email to the email address below or click here to take my planning questionnaire.


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