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Engagement Photos - Chavez Wedding

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Photos shared by Alison Rios Photo !

Anticipation of a wedding can be so fun-scary-nerve-wracking-exciting! One of the ways you can ease your stress on that day is to work with your vendors more than once. For example, my March 26th Bride and Groom took engagement photos from Alison Rios. They. Are. Really Great! I know great work when I see it, and Alison really brought it out for them.

For their wedding, they are going with Alison again and that is awesome. Why? Because Alison will have already gotten to know their personalities. She will know just how comfortable they are or aren't in front of the camera. On wedding day, everything goes by so fast and the people around you matter. Meeting your photographer and their style on wedding day may be a little chaotic. Especially when you remember you're going to be working with them for the next 8 hours...

That's why I always recommend getting an engagement session with your photographer. It's deeper than just pretty photos.. it's all the semantics in between, too.


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