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🔪💐 The Curse of the Haunted Bouquet - Fun Wedding Fiction

- A Tale of Wedding Woes

By Stephanie D.


Legend has it..

that it is especially unlucky when one is gifted a

set of knives on their wedding day...

The bride is standing at the Old Spanish Hotel, getting her makeup done with a glass of champagne in her hand. As the bride’s lipstick was being applied, she continued to purse her lips in excitement in the mirror. She notices something moving in the corner.

The Bridal Bouquet? It was sitting on the end table at the end of the hotel sofa. The leaves had rustled and a single silver dollar leaf fell to the ground. “Did you see that?!” She exclaimed. 🙎🏼‍♀️

“Ummmmm. My bouquet just moved by itself.” She said as she waved off hair and makeup to go look. “Hmm, must be a draft.” The hairstylist replied.

The bride sat back down and the makeup and hair was finished and flawless as ever. It was time to move! Just at that moment, the wedding planner waltzed in with her thick, long blonde hair, wearing a tight black cocktail dress and heels, carrying her iPad and clipboard.

“It’s go time, ladies!!” She said as she very excitedly threw back the curtains to let in some light and lined up the bridal party. 💃🏻 The wedding planner picks up the Bridal bouquet and instantly she is stung on her ring finger. “Ouch!”

There’s blood 🩸 on her fingertip. She pushes the bleeding end to the underside of her black dress to quickly keep from dropping blood anywhere in the Bridal Suite. “Oh my goodness, there’s a thorn somewhere, please be careful with this bouquet!”

The Maid of Honor lifts the bouquet, inspects it thoroughly and doesn’t find anything wrong. It was made by her, after all. She hands it over to the now very suspicious bride. At this point, they are burning the extra ten minutes the planner left in the schedule. ⏱ Time is ticking! They make their way towards the wedding ceremony. The bride walked with her dad and happily carried her wedding flowers with ease. They almost reach the ceremony site.. then!

All of a sudden the bride faints! Her father catches her just in time. The Maid of Honor screams at the top of her lungs. The bouquet rolls onto the floor and onto the authentic Spanish tile.

The hotel staff run over to assist the wedding planner as she helps the bride sit, fan, and give water to the bride who is on the floor in shock. Everyone is asking if she’s okay.

“That bouquet! It shocked me! It’s wickedly unlucky! It moved by itself earlier, it made my wedding planner bleed, and now I was just shocked by it. I don’t want it, it’s cursed!” The bride pointed to the bouquet. She inspects her hands for blood, but there was none. The wedding planner inspects the bouquet. At this point, the bouquet looked sinister and she doesn’t want to pick it up either. She shamelessly has the hotel staff whisk it away.

“What are we going to go?!” Cried out the bridal party. At this time, the extra minutes are over and it is now time to walk down the aisle. The wedding planner suggests a bridesmaid hand her smaller identical bouquet over to the bride just before she waves over to the wedding officiant and DJ to cue the bridesmaid’s music.

As soon as all of the bridesmaids and flower girls are out of the lobby and into the ceremony, the wedding planner and her assistant closes the doors to create suspense and also signal to the DJ to fade and change the song. This is a sign to everyone that the bride is ready. 👰🏾

“Here we go, gorgeous bride. Your #1 is waiting for you down there, and he’s looking so patient and soo happy! Take it all in!” She whispers as she fluffs out the bride’s veil and train, plucks a hair off of her face and smiles warmly. Father of the bride offers his arm and straightens up to look taller. She takes it and smiles in delight.

“Here’s Comes the Bride” starts to roll and the doors fly open with a sudden force that nobody was expecting. The bride and her father walk down the aisle beaming.

The bride smiles and walks down the aisle. She is met with a beaming groom who shed a tear as he hugs her father and takes her by the hand up to the podium. The maid of honor fluffs her dress and train, then grabs ahold of the smaller bouquet. It went just as they practiced at the rehearsal with their wedding planner. “Dearly beloved..” announces the stern priest.

Suddenly, a light sparks the bride’s eye. There, on the podium. Is her original Bridal Bouquet. With a knife carefully tucked in! 🔪

How?! She screams. She faints. It’s all too much for one day! A killer The groom catches her just in time. The crowd gasps in horror.

In from the side the brilliant wedding planner leaps into action to grab and toss the Wicked Bouquet out of the back church window for once and for all! Not a single guest had seen her. The couple is then back into their feet and the officiant carries on.

Everything that is happening, it’s all soo suspicious! The wedding planner thought to herself. She remembered hearing about an Old Wives Tale about when a couple has been gifted a set of knives as wedding gifts. Its seen as bad luck, as the knives will symbolically cut the ties of their marriage apart from the start. How ridiculously evil! She runs to the gift table to peek and sees the shine from inside a gift bag from a new set of Dalstrong knives sent Anonymously😱

The ceremony was allowed to commence as planned as the rest of the day went off without a hitch. The Haunted Bouquet was never to be found again and the Bride left the planner the most magnificent review on WeddingWire, Facebook, land Google. Basically like, everywhere.

What happened to the knives? 🔪

Well.. nobody knows!

Once the wedding planner notified the Bride and Groom about their wicked gift, the knives and the bag mysteriously vanished.

Moral of the story? Hire a wedding planner! Or things could get a little SPOOKY!!

Happy Halloween!!! 🕸

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