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Creating a Wedding Budget + FREE Budget template

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Wedding budgets are often hard to talk about. Money in general is a very private subject. Since weddings are very expensive, and things can get out of hand very fast, for this reason, and many others, I have given you a FREE tool! I see plenty of times where couples liquidate their expenses all at the end and this creates true financial loss. You should not have to go into debt to plan your wedding, and you should not let finances ruin your upcoming marriage.

Know that your wedding guest count will impose on almost all of the wedding costs. From the food, cake, tables, seats, linens, chairs, etc. It will all depend on the number of people you will invite. It can be difficult to money manage at any stage of wedding planning, but it's especially hard at the end. It is recommended that you plan a year in advance to offset some of these total balance dues. Wherever you are in your planning stage, this spreadsheet will help you observe where all your money is going to.

+ FREE Wedding Budget Spreadsheet to help you get organized!

How to use the budget template:

-Best used on a computer.

-Click on the link provided.

-It will take you to a Google Spreadsheet document.

-Use the download button in the top right corner [the one with the arrow pointed down] to download the document to your device so that you can use it to customize, edit, save, and update as frequently as you can.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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