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Dear Last Minute Bride, I Totally Understand - Wedding Planner Thoughts

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I feel you, girl. You are probably busy with tasks, big and little. Running around town catching up is exhausting! And if you are doing this alone, I wish I could give you a huuuuuuge hug. You are doing amazing, and things will work out in the end. Hopefully, you've already applied for your marriage license! Towards the end, you will figure out what little details really matter, and what truly does not.

It’s now a matter of time what gets done. If your a month away or less you know this is game time. All those things on your To-Do list? Cross them off with the strength of a thousand bouquet tosses! No seriously, actively view yourself slashing through these details, it helps to get motivated. If you don't have a wedding coordinator, GET ONE. It's so important that you're not running around like a chicken without its head. If you need someone to swoop in and make sure you're getting all of your 'T's' crossed, then contact me. I'd love to step in and wrangle the chaos for you.

View this stress as energy to tackle those tasks. Stress is your body telling you to act, and act you must if you are still booking vendors and arranging details a month or less out. But while you’re at it.. Find time for you! You matter so much more than a wedding. I promise you. This stress is not fun but it’s your friend. No judgment here, I just want the best for you! Stress is your nerves hoping that things go right. And they will - because you've already chosen the best partner in the world.

Need some more encouragement? Watch this Ted Talk Video about stress!

Love & Happy Wedding Planning,

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Oct 23, 2021

First time reading this blog, thanks for sharing.

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