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Let's Get Real: Wedding Coordinator prices 👀

I'd like to think I'm valued around here for telling the truth.

Wedding Planning is an experience. When you plan your wedding on your own, it's not just planning a sparkly day. Sure, picking out the dress is like - the highlight of sparkly, and flowers are so fun! But when you vow to say "I do" in front of 20-500 people, and then you need to direct them, entertain them, feed them, and keep them happy for 4-6 hours - you're going to need an experienced team to manage the logistics, your 16+ vendors, 16+ contracts, and the day-of. You will not be directing your vendors and timeline in your pretty white dress, alone. Sure, someone from you're family could do it. But why would you want them to? Make sure they enjoy their day, too.

-Does your DJ have the correct power amps for the venue? Is there a sound ordinance?

-Have you asked your caterer how long till the last person get's their meal? (heads up - sometimes its 1 hour)

-Have you asked who will clean-up the venue and help set-up?

-Does anyone in your family know how to sew, pin a boutonniere, tie a French bustle, save a floral arrangement, decorate according to restrictions, fold napkins, set placing, and tie a corset lace dress??

-Have you laid out a map of the venue? Vendor parking, loading, and unloading? And will someone be there on your behalf to take control to greet your vendors and tell them where to go?

-Does you officiant know what to say after everything is over so that everyone knows what to do?

-If the caterer/photographer/DJ doesn't show - who will do their best to use their connections and find a replacement very fast?

What you're paying for is our experience and expertise. We are called wedding planners for a reason. We always try to be three steps ahead, saving the day before you even know what happened or what could. Why?

Because wedding planning should be a wonderful experience. You should be staring at your ring all day, doing the bridal frills, going on your bachelorette trip, saving precious energy that could be used to document, relishing in the moment. As you plan yourself, you'll be taking several hours away from your life and on your special day.

Now let's talk wedding coordinator price points:

What does an event coordinator who charges $250-$1,000 do?

They most likely are new. This price point is the standard for new event planners. You're essentially paying for 2-4 weeks worth of coordination, with a wedding coordinator who knows you are paying less and is possibly reducing their hours that they will work on your wedding or will burn out quickly. They will most likely verify vendors and be there on the day, going through the motions. Don't expect them to be out of your way when taking grand entrances and in photos, they don't know what they don't know...

What about a $1,000-$1,800 coordinator?

This is the competitive pricing - but experienced. In the summer months when booking is slow, we like to lower the prices sometimes to book those who may be on the fence, since it's a slow season for us. Doing this fills our calendar and allow us to work with you within 4-8 weeks. We of course like all coordinators do, handle your rehearsal, ceremony, & reception. But more experience = more money, but this isn't the top tier.

Okay so - what about a $2,000+ coordinator?

A common analogy to understand this is:

You can buy a hamburger for $2. It's ok.

Pay $10- and it will be filling.

There are restaurants that will sell good ones for $20 a meal.

But you know that a chef prepared gourmet $39.99 sirloin steak burger on that garlic butter bun will come with fresh steak potatoes, and all of the trimmings. It will be the best experience for your taste buds, for sure. That is, if you're not vegan/vegetarian.

There is a wedding planner for every budget, just as there are burgers for every budget.

The same could be paralleled to wedding planning. The sirloin steak burger is like a top tier seasoned wedding planner (pun intended!) who will be professionally creating the day as if it we're theirs. Keeping you hydrated, happy, and doing it all with a team. Sure, it's more expensive. But what you are paying for is truly professionals who have the experience to make important decisions for you on your wedding day.

Top tier wedding planners value education, connect with other wedding planners, they never stop learning, they have a trained team, a professional vendor network to die for, and years worth of building relationships. Someone who can solve wedding problems that they've solved before, someone to call their big book of vendor friends at a drop of a dime two switch out a missing/failing vendor. Or someone to bring wedding day kit that consist of everything you would need and more because we perfected it over the years.

When you're spending thousands of dollars on food, flowers, vendor goods and services, it's worth it to hire someone really good (and fun) who you can pass the baton to. Not your mom/sis/moh/tia/dj/photographer.


Getting Married in San Antonio, Texas Hill Country or destination? Looking for a planner/coordinator? Or does your venue require a wedding coordinator?

Let's chat, I'd love to help!

Shoot me an email to the email address below or click here to take my planning questionnaire.

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