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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I’m a nerd for weddings, kind of. I love knowing what the technical elements of these events are. Like a dress fabric, style, and fit. Knowing the basics of sizing of tables and chairs for linen purposes. Tasting the difference between a Chantilly cream and a whipped cream frosting. Learning about oasis foam and chicken wire floral arrangements, and how to choose the eco-friendly options.

I know that some people have never met a wedding planner before, and only know what the movie Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez was like. I’m sooo sorry to say, that isn’t the best interpretation. We don’t go stealing people’s husbands, first of all! But the very first opening scene is so real, the chaos, the running around, the tired feet at the end of the day.

But I am bubbly! Enthusiastic as it gets. I drum at the beat of my own hand and I so do you. That’s why I know we’re a good fit.

I’m a certified wedding planner. Which just means that I’ve spent a good chunk of my time learning the ins and outs about the wedding industry and knowing how to execute the perfect event for you! I have also invested in wedding planner tools to help execute my craft.

I also do things like, wrote blogs to help you understand things better. I Admin on Facebook groups ( to help local brides sell and buy their decor, and I partner with the best local wedding vendors I know.

People of all shapes, sizes, colors, are welcome, we don't exclude anyone here. I hope that makes you comfortable and willing to hop on a call to see what I am about.

Use this link to get started!


Getting Married in San Antonio? Looking for a planner? Does your venue require a wedding coordinator?

Let's chat, I'd love to help!

Shoot me an email to the email address below or click here to take my planning questionnaire.

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