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The gratitude in my heart is infinite...

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I feel so blessed, my wedding day was amazing!! Our families and friends came together to be with us on our big day and my groom and I had so much fun! It was very romantic for us. I couldn’t be more happy on how it all turned out. I don’t have my professional pics yet, but when they do - I will proudly show them off!

I also want to say I could not feel more loved by my girl squad. The way they came together for me in my hours of need made me so thankful to have them by my side. How could I ever repay them?

There‘s just something so special about having all the people you love in the same room to celebrate your wedding day. Your guests will feel the love in the room and will be the ones to see you through it all. They are going to be cheering you on as you have your first child, reach milestones in your marriage, and as you get through easy & hard times. A blending of two families will take place right before your very eyes. Relish in this moment, Groom or Bride to be! Your wedding day is one for the books. A start of your very own story and it is sure to be a Best Seller!!

Happily Married,

Stephanie D.

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