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The Truth About 1st Looks w/The Wedding Couple

Updated: May 24, 2023

The more you know, the better you'll feel! Let's chat for a while about 1st looks with the wedding couple.

Why are they popular? Are they beneficial to the wedding day? Let's see from the San Antonio Wedding Planner herself.

In short: YES. Do them. Let's paint a picture for us here.

On wedding day, the day goes by like a tornado. First, you spend most of your day getting ready. Makeup and hair, delivering decor, alcohol, taking pictures and greeting people. Then, if you do not have a first look, you will be limited in time.

Here's what that looks like -- after your ceremony you will only have 30-40 minutes of photos taken, and most of those will be with family. During this time, I am going to be honest. Your photographer and videographer team will be fighting the sunset, the crowd to listen and direct the pictures, and fighting the time. Towards the end of the hour, you will end up with only 15-25 minutes of photos of your new spouse. You'll need to get refreshed, drink water, bustle your dress, and take a minute to breath it all in just before your grand entrance. It's a little hectic.

Versus if you had a first glance/peek, you'll have more photos and videos together and more time to leisurely take photos after ceremony. The first peek will have better lighting! The rush is gone! The photos will be extras and they won't be rushed. This means your team can get creative instead of fighting the elements. The sun will be worked with instead of against.

Photography tip- Create a short photo list of family members and have 1 person from each side of the family(a person who will know the family members) direct the photos. This makes faster shots and will make your photo/video team suuuper happy.

Lastly, if you are scared it will ruin the moment, I promise I haven't seen a moment down the aisle ruined by a first look. The emotions are all there! The pictures are beautiful and still tell a story.

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