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Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator - San Antonio Wedding Planner Blog 💒🔔

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Wedding at the 1850 Settlement

Venue coordinators are absolutely necessary. They are wonderful in that they know hiring someone to be there to manage the venue is like insurance to them. Venue Coordinators manage the venue and are there to make sure things run much smoother since they know where things are, for example, power boxes, light dimmers, extra tables/chairs, etc. They can jump in when needed in a swift manner. They know the ins and outs of the venue and they stay at the venue. They enforce the rules and regulations for the rented space and protect the venue as much as possible. Some even leave at the end of the toasts. It's important to ask what is the extent of what they do.

Your wedding coordinator is different in that we will direct your rehearsal even if it is at a church, park, open meadow, or small chapel. We confirm your vendors, make sure set up happens correctly, check your contracts, create and run your timeline for the day. We also help with transportation, help handle mishaps, make sure vendors arrive on time, help keep bridal party and groom party separate, and will execute the other day of events. Venues service hundreds of brides a year at that particular space. Hiring an independent consultant from the outside ensures your wedding will not get lost in the mix.

We follow you to your wedding ceremony to your reception. We do things like cue the pianist to let them know to start processional music, fix your veil, fluff our your dress, and also make sure that you walk down the aisle with ease. We are there at your reception on your wedding team to direct wedding party, logistics, and handle communication between your DJ, caterer, officiant etc. so that they aren't bothering you on your wedding day. We have the connections to find a replacement wedding photographer/officiant/DJ if that ever happens, as well.

Bottom line--the venue coordinator is the manager of the venue, while working and doing their best to service you the best hospitality while you and your guests are there. They work with mostly your vendors so that they know where things are and what the venue requires them to do. They are necessary for the upkeep for your venue, but they are not hired to manage your wedding rehearsal, ceremony, reception. Great venues with coordinators will tell you that a great planner/wedding coordinator will bring the value to your wedding and will advise you to hire one. Your wedding is worth it!

Much love & happiness as you plan your wedding!

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