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What if no one shows up?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

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I remember feeling this at my wedding. And then the worst happened - there was an empty table. I was ashamed and upset for a moment until my vendors had occupied the table to eat. It all worked out.

Trust me, at all the weddings I have been at, I pay attention to these types of things, and most of the time your guests are so deep in conversation they do not notice. There is someone who will occupy the table. People will naturally want to spread out and enjoy the night with the people they know. But because I know you are worried about guest count, here are some proactive things you can do to make sure people will remember to RSVP, and actually show up.

The wedding guests that didn't show up? Cost us a cool $300, if you add up the table, the food + beverage, centerpieces, linen, silverware, even down to the invite. Money wasted!! I wish I would have known so that I could have invited anyone else that day. You can't always account for these things, so it's important that you do a little work to herd all the cats where they need to be, lol.

+ If you post little things about your wedding on social media, that actually helps them remember to RSVP! It's like, free marketing for your wedding guests. Post a pic of the flowers in the flower shop, shout out and tag your wedding coordinator, tag your selves at the cake shop tasting, is a sure way for people to get excited about it and definitely want to come.

+ Create a wedding website. It's free from The Knot, Zola, or Wedding Wire and you can customize the URL to add them to your invitations. It tracks invites and gives information about the wedding, venue, location, and wedding party. What a great way to ensure that people have two choices to let you know they will be arriving. It makes things easier to update if things change! Good stuff.

+ For those stragglers who seemed too busy to RSVP, text message those guests about 30 days away. Send gentle reminders to RSVP by email, text, or in person. When it's passed the RSVP deadline, it may be helpful to perform cold calls just so that they will be reminded. Weddings are expensive, do not feel bad about ensuring a seat for that guest, it's proper etiquette. .

+ Finally, as your official wedding coordinator, we create custom social media posts such as the one below that help you post of your excitement anywhere! What a great way to showcase the beautiful memory on your blog, Instagram, or Facebook.

We hope it delights you and also subliminally pushes your guests to RSVP baby! And yes, shameless plug.

+ Hire a wedding planner. She can handle the details with charm, track RSVPs, family counts, and dinner requests - eek! This is included in our Full-Service Wedding Planning Package.

Happy RSVPing!

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