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Why I Charge This Much For Coordination

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

In short: I’ve invested too much.

Okay, hear me out..

At some point in a photographer’s career, they decide to level up. Suped up cameras and lenses, marketing campaigns, programs for customer relationship management, point of sale systems, and software to edit, among other constant tools to help post to social media and respond to emails. Whew! Then, they have to raise their prices. It just happens.

We are no different than them, than every other wedding professional. We also need everything they do, minus the suped up cameras and lenses. Although, I would LOVEEE a suped up camera. Who wouldn’t?! The cost of doing business is more expensive, and therefor so will the services.

It costs several thousands of dollars to be on big named publications like and . Those bridal shows? Add more several thousands of dollars. Now you know why most vendors are on social media and in these Facebook groups. It’s free.

I don’t pay to use those platforms. Therefore I don’t pass those costs to my clients. That‘s how I’m going into 2021. I’m trimming the fat, while getting serious about what I gotta do to be my very best as your wedding planner.

In San Antonio, there’s a huge difference between a $500 coordinator and a $3,000 one. As well as a $2,000 planner and a $6,000 one. You just can’t expect the same quality.

Your wedding is such a “this is your life” moment. Do your future self a favor and hire someone who is invested, this isn’t a hobby. Don’t hire some one based on lowest possible price, an ongoing sale, or super discount. In 2021, You won’t see me posting sales or discounts on my services. I believe that devalues my profession in whole.

You don’t want to skimp out on a really, really good wedding coordinator. I

Okay off my soapbox!


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