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💍 Why Men Great Till They Plan a Wedding?! - San Antonio Wedding Planner Blog

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Why men great till they plan a wedding? 👰🏻

I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 💯 % BrideZilla, Even when I’m crying crazy, yeah I got Bride problems that’s Zilla in me, Bling Bling my planner solves em that’s the best way to be.

I could have a bad wedding, Without a planner, Everybody complaining, About my manners,

Didn’t know where to start, But now I’m on the right track, And that’s the sound, Of my processional track!

Why men great till they plan a wedding? 👰🏻 💍 Don’t text me, send the RSVP, New mom wants to bring her new baby, 2 weeks old now that’s a little crazy.

Fresh flowers with the uplighting, Decor kinda crazy and exciting, In-laws want to add their own designing, Dum dum, bi dum bi dum dum beh!!

Edit for the backstory: I wrote this after three things that happened that morning.

I heard Lizzo broke records for this song and I had the song in my head all morning. I then had a call with a potential Bride who swore her husband-to-be only cared about the open bar. He wasn't helping out and she was like, "He's great, he's amazing, he just isn't helping".

I've heard this a thousand times before so when I saw WeddingWire's post on IG about the DNA test and being That Bride I was like, that doesn't sound right. It's cute, but it's got to be bridezilla.. and then it just started pouring out of me. I've never had a bridezilla before so, to all my clients: It's not about you LOL

I love Lizzo and I think she's great. Her bridal inspired wedding video and performances make me smile so hard! I can identify with her confidence because as a wedding planner, I have a lot to prove and disprove. In all of that mix, I still need to be myself-right? I hope this gave you a laugh!

Now that we've established that sometimes men have a hard time with this process, this blog post will be dedicated to the experience of the groom on the wedding day. Because they're kind of like, as important as bridesmaids, aren't they?? It's helpful to be mindful of the dudebro experience. Listen, they don't like to admit sometimes but, they like this wedding stuff, too. Who wouldn't like an excuse to throw some back with the boys (bachelor party) or hang around getting ready together in cool groom's suite-like at Park 31. (Check them out!)

Having your best friends around is awesome because you know it's going to be a great time. I remember in high school thinking, "I can't wait to get married and have a bachelorette trip with my girls!" I admit, what in the world was I thinking? Anyways, this experience of being a groomsman is awesome. When I look back on the way groomsmen party at these things - it's like, yeah they definitely enjoy themselves. Drinking the alcohol, hitting the dance floor (see below lol!). It's great and all in good fun.

This was so funny to watch. I'm so happy that Krystal and her husband were able to shoot this moment. This guy was literally working. that. dance. floor!

They're so cute, aren't they? All done up and ready to stunt for their dudebro. Nice. No sarcasm, those are the best kind of guys to have around.

I especially like when the groom stands out in a different color than the groomsmen. It looks just as great as the woman in white popping out through her carefully selected color of choice. Ah! I love it all. I especially love that I can save grooms money because we've partnered up with The Black Tux. The Black Tux is a rental tuxedo and suit combo. Instead of renting in a store, you'll just take your measurements and order online. It becomes helpful if you have out of town groomsmen and will need a quick fix.

If by any chance you think the Best Man will need some tips on his toasts, I can help with that too. Send him our way!

Here's a link to a website ALLLL about the groom. Their style, tips on hair, layering, shoes, cufflinks, ties, honeymoon destinations, etc. It's pretty cool to see that they sometimes are enjoying this process too.

Try to find out what your groom is most excited about during this process, which can bring out the fun of wedding planning for both of you.

If you haven't hired me yet-girl, what are you doing? Send an email with your date to see if I still have it available! I save your date for 1 week after inquiry. I'd love to work with you.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Getting Married in San Antonio? Let's chat, I'd love to help!

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