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Years ago, I was at a venue tour with a couple who were getting married during San Antonio's wet months. It was a gorgeous venue, and the weather that day could not have been more perfect. I was happy for my couple, as the venue was exactly what spoke to them: laid back. As just their coordinator and not their planner, I was ready to work with whatever they chose.

We spoke about how it would be a gorgeous view to get married outside. I asked the venue coordinator what their rain contingency plan consisted of. The venue coordinator smiled and nodded but had no clue. She confessed she was new and had no idea what they did if it rained. She believed that they could easily perform the ceremony inside, but that the chairs would need to be moved back inside by the guests. In the rain. This is because the venue does not have enough chairs or the manpower to make it happen. The maximum is 300 people at this venue, and they have chairs for everyone. What they don't have is 600 chairs so that 300 go to the ceremony area and 300 go to the reception hall they have to be moved it the guest count is over 150.

My bride gasped. "I had not even thought about that." We then figured what it would look like. Where she would walk down, where the violinist/DJ/band would play, where the stage will be. We figured we would set up an aisle for their parents and then on we'd put the chairs back afterwards.