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Let’s Chat About Florals💐

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

When you first look at wedding flowers you will notice how they change up the look and feel of your wedding day. But why are they so expensive?! It’s important to remember that your bouquet does not have to be made out of flowers that are expensive. But they do cost a lot of time and money to buy, protect, store, prep, design, and deliver them.

The reason why they are so expensive is because they have to be ordered a week out from your wedding which you will pay for and they will have to be prepped with a bunch of chemicals to keep them lively. They also have to be cut and submerged sometimes in a solution(sometimes days before), and then dried in a cooler for several days while supplying them with adequate nutrients and care. Then, they are to be arranged in the way the bride specified and then transported on the day safely into the bride’s arms.

To execute this venture, this takes a lot of experience, time, muscles, and money. If you have a specific budget, ask your florist if it’s possible to arrange to pick up your flowers yourself to save money on a delivery fee. It’s important to note that some shops have a minimum fee for working on weddings.. Some flowers must be imported from another country for a hefty fee. Always ask for flowers in season to offset this cost.

Don't be afraid to use silk flowers, as well. The combination of the two are just as pretty. Some can pull off fake flowers and real foliage with charm. Ask your florist what their minimum is to get a clear understanding of just how much it will cost.

Whatever flower or no flowers you go with, your wedding will be beautiful anyways! Congratulations!!

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