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"Suit Up: Essential Tips for Grooms and Suit Wearers"

Here are my top 14 tips for grooms and suit wearers of all kinds! Because you don't have to be a groom to wear a suit, this applies to everyone. Send this to anyone who is going to put on a suit or tux on your wedding day!

three smiling men in black and white suits
three men in tuxedos

  1. Tailor Made: Make sure your tuxedo or suit fits properly - Before ordering online and in store, have a professional take some measuring tape and check the measurements of your height and circumferences to ensure that your jacket and pants are the right size and length for your body type. A well-fitted suit will make you look sharp and put-together.

  2. Choose the right color - Classic black, navy, or grey are safe choices for a tuxedo or suit. Ask your partner what they like and don't like, it may help you make a decision. As always, avoid overly flashy prints or bright colors unless the event calls for it specifically.

  3. Pay attention to the details - Make sure your shirt is clean and properly pressed, and your tie or bow tie is tied neatly. Polish your shoes and make sure your accessories, like your socks, cummerbund, and pocket square complement your outfit.

cartoon women wearing pant suits
stylish ways to wear a pant suit

4. Opt for a classic style - Stick with a classic, timeless look when choosing your tuxedo or suit. Avoid trendy styles that may go out of fashion quickly.

5. Consider the event - Is it black tie formal? Cocktail casual? Semi-formal? Different events may have different dress codes, so make sure you choose an appropriate outfit for the occasion. A tuxedo is typically more formal than a suit, so make sure you know what is expected. Tuxedos are the suits that typically have a different fabric on the lapel, like a satin finish with fabric buttons. Tuxedos are also known to have a satin piping running down the leg of a pant suit. Extra fancy!

6. Experiment with different accessories - Adding a patterned shirt, pop of color with a pocket square, a vest, interesting cufflinks, a hat, or a stylish watch can elevate your look and add a personal touch to your outfit.

7. Pay attention to grooming - Make sure your hair is neatly styled, your beard or facial hair is well-groomed, and you are lint-free. A clean and polished appearance will complement your outfit.

8. Learn the rules of wearing a suit - Rules about buttoning up:

  • -When standing up, button the top button. Before sitting down, or lifting up your arms, unbutton the top button.

  • -Never button the bottom button, it's only there for show. If you have 3 buttons, you may button the middle one if you want to, but never the bottom button.

three demonstrations on how to deal with he buttons on a suit jacket. one button will get buttoned, two buttons will only get the top buttoned, and three buttons means the middle one gets buttoned, maybe the top one,  but never the bottom,
The rules on wearing a buttoned up suit jacket

9. Be yourself - Ultimately, the most important tip for wearing a tuxedo or suit is to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Don't like wearing a bow tie or traditional tie? Consider a bolo tie. Choose something that reflects your personal style and makes you feel your best. Stand out from the crowd by being true to yourself.

10. Bring extras! - Extra shoes, socks, and an extra white t-shirt is always best, especially if you are dealing with the heat or hotter months.

11. Check your suit jacket for small threads that you'll need to cut - Pockets are usually sewn shut, those can be removed, as well as any threads in the shape of an x. They are used to prevent wrinkles and they need to be snipped and removed prior to the day, as well as any sewn on patches with the name of the suit brand.

12. Steam your suit! - or have it steamed the day before and properly store it with all the accessories, so it's one less thing to do that morning.

13. Traveling with your suit - Carry it on a hanger in a protectinve garment bag, hook it up in the vehicle so that you don't acquire any new wrinkles.

14. Right before you walk down the aisle, and in all of your photos - don't forget to button your jacket, it looks 1000 times better.

You can't get this wrong, just follow your gut, and these tips :)


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