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Wedding Photography: 5 Top Tips from a Wedding Planner

3 days ago we asked San Antonio Brides what was the hardest vendor to book and why. Majority said booking their photographer, which is understandable, the photos are all you have left of the wedding!! To help y'all out: Below are my top 5 tips when choosing a photographer.

1. Ask for an example of their full gallery! Bonus points if it's at your venue. Most photographers are happy to share their work. Upon glancing at a couple's gallery, ask yourself. Is there enough black and white? Are you happy with the guest/portraits/couples photo ratios? Did they get pictures of getting ready, first kiss, walking down the aisle, and entire wide shot of the ceremony? Is the gallery nicely edited, centered, and did they deal with the lighting in a good way? Would you be happy with that outcome?

2. Pay attention to the green. Outdoor photos and wedding flowers are known for the green. Every photographer has their certain green they like to continue using in all of their photos. The green they are posting on social media and in their galleries will most likely be the green that you will see in all your photos. Depending on the lighting and the time of day, it can change. But every photographer has a certain style!

3. Do they respond in a timely manner? This matters so much. Even me, as a professional wedding planner, will have a hard time getting in touch with big-name photographers. I can only imagine how unsettling it is to have paid them thousands of dollars for them to never answer your emails or calls. A vendor who is super responsive is becoming rare!

4. Find one you like? Take engagement photos with your potential photographer so that you can get to know their style, in person demeanor, and professionalism. On wedding day it will feel like hanging out with friends instead of a team project with a stranger. And trust me, it makes a difference how you all interact with each other because y'all will be spending almost all day together.

5. Unpopular opinion: you should have at least 8-10 hour coverage for the wedding day or else you will miss something (getting ready/grand exit)or be forced to fake it. Faking things is pretty but is not the same, and it can make you feel rushed. Faux sparkler/bubble/party favor exits are a hit or miss, it can kill the party vibe or slow it down for a bit. Save it for the end and it will truly feel like the end.

There you go, friend! Interested in hiring a wedding planner or coordinator?

Bride and groom march in a wedding march called a callejoneda. They are followed by the mariachi and wedding guests.
Payton Marie Photography

My planning clients get a pdf of things to look for, things to ask, examples of local styles, and links to available photographers whom I can personally vouch for. Making it easy to view all the available options and dodging photographers who aren't available or who don't fit the budget or style. This comes with every vendor, along with scheduling, booking, contract signing, vendor contact, budgeting, an online portal, and payment reminders.

My coordination clients get only 1 super valuable in person or over the phone/Zoom planning consultation after booking to create the framework of the day, along with a list of my dream vendors to view and fall in love with. I'm always available for wedding related questions, advice, or guidance. They schedule and book their vendors on their own and we jump back in when we need to. I've helped replaced vendors/venues and saved serious mistakes. Wedding coordination is not for the faint of heart!

I'd love to work with you! View my packages, pricing, and inquire about your date using the link below:

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