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How to Choose a Wedding Florist💐

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

  • How do you choose a florist for your wedding? There are so many to choose from!! It's helpful to know what types of florists are out there and what kind that you'll need for your wedding.


There are different kinds of florists in your area. With all types of specialties, styles, and budget accommodations. Sometimes they are a mix or only one kind of these categories:


Event Florists

Event florists are those that only work on special events. They sometimes don't do retail holiday work and often times don't have a retail shop because they operate from home or a warehouse.  People go to them because they have a bigger team, a specialty for larger events and difficult arrangements. They also usually have a signature style that they stick to.


Retail Florists   

Retail florists are those people that own their own shops and market to the general public for all occasions. They are most busy during holidays, school + corporate events, and wedding season.


Freelance Florists

Freelance florists are sometimes full or part-timers, do more occasional/seasonal work, maybe own a floral cart, do pop ups or small events, and help out with events for their florist friends.


Hobby Florists   

Hobby florists arrange flowers for fun, as a side hustle or for passion, and may not have access to a big cooler or reliable team, to preserve and work your wedding flowers. So grand events may be too out of their scale.


What are the things to look for?

Their signature style: I can always tell their style by the bouquets. Some of the florists like a ton of movement, textures, and variety. Others like a classic, clean, and pretty look every single time. Try to decipher what you like.

Do they leave too much space between flower heads?

In photos, do the flowers look well preserved, fresh, and in a beautifully arranged look?

Do they have an easy to use website?

Can you find happy reviews from wedding couples?

Do they have a social media presence? If so, you'll find the most up to date photos.

Once you're in the consultation...

Show them your ideas! Ask how to repurpose your florals! Ask what happens to the flowers or the rentals at the end of the night?

Take notes:

Are they consulting you? Offering ideas, options, and ways to make things fit your budget?

Do they mirror what you're saying in the consultation?

At the end of it all, do you feel happy and understood?

Its so important to be on the same page with your florist.

Finally, I wanted to discuss the average price of florals right now. I work with talented people and they all have event floral minimums for traveling with wedding flowers. Sometimes it's $2,500, other times they range from $6,000-$8,000 minimums. Yes, it gets expensive. You have to remember that they are keeping dead things alive and beautiful and that takes several weeks of preparation.

At any cost, flowers add something to a wedding that cannot be replicated. We can only marvel and admire the hard work of these phenomenal florists!

I am so grateful for everything they do!!

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